Featured Book – Cruising on Sand Dollar


What is your Cruising Dream?

Do you dream of wandering white sandy beaches lined with palm trees looking for sand dollars?  Do you long to swim among colorful fish and coral formations in gin clear water? Does the thought of sailing through widely varying shades of blue water to explore distant islands stimulate your imagination? In unguarded moments have you thought of casting off your boat’s dock lines and pursuing that dream? Or, is it something you really want to do but think it’s beyond your reach?

Cruising on Sand Dollar is a book about an ordinary couple who left their jobs in mid-life to go cruising on their sailboat. Its an encouraging true story that in nearly 300 pages and with over 80 pictures confirms that almost any self-sufficient sailor with wanderlust can achieve their goal. The book chronicling how they set their goal to go cruising, prepared themselves and their boat, and finally embarked on their cruising dream. Their experiences, and what they thought and felt during their five years of cruising, is related with sensitivity, humor, and wit as they take you along on their adventure from San Francisco to the Intracoastal Waterway of the East coast and then on to the islands of the Bahamas.

Lessons Learned

Cruising on Sand Dollar is more about gunkholing than blue water sailing. Crossing oceans was never part of their plan, so this book doesn’t provide any insights into blue water cruising.  They had grand plans for their cruising adventure, but reality turned out to be different than they expected; and the lessons learned from that are in this book.

While light on the must/should haves of cruising, this book addresses what the author thought was important. You will see what worked and didn’t work for them, and what they learned along the way. If you decide to go cruising yourself, you will surely experience some, but not all, the things they experienced. And, you would certainly have some unique experiences.

Whether you are someone who’s curious about what it’s like to cruise on a sailboat, are an armchair sailor cruising vicariously as you read, or are looking forward to going cruising yourself, you will read about what the cruising life is really like.