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Belief is Just Belief

Belief is Just Belief is an essay that addresses both the positive and negative consequences of belief. In a non-judgmental way, it shows how belief provides strength, courage, and comfort but can also cause problems. While belief can be a powerful personal truth, it’s not fact, reality, or universal truth; but many people act as though it were.

Problems occur when people think what they believe is right and what someone else believes is wrong. Politically, when one person thinks another is wrong they won’t negotiate because doing so means accepting something they believe is wrong; and gridlock occurs. Belief makes something neither right or wrong nor true or false, it’s just a belief; and belief can be as wrong as “the earth is flat.” Opposition to same sex marriage is an example of one group trying to impose their belief on another. They do it because they think they are right and the other is wrong – but it’s just what they believe.

Nationalism leads to wars because the people of one nation believe their government is right and another is wrong. To make our world better by helping people see that there is a difference between belief and fact is the purpose of this essay.

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