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About the Author

Jeff Huntington learned to sail as a young man in the Navy, and with practice and experience became an enthusiastic and competent sailor. His first boat was a 12-foot sloop, on which he honed his basic sailing skills. Later he raced a Lido 14 for many years before moving up through a progression of larger cruising boats. After planning and preparing for 15 years, Jeff and his wife sailed west under the Golden Gate Bridge and turned south to start their five-year cruise on their Caliber 40 Sand Dollar.

Jeff started his computer career as an engineer, but soon discovered his aptitude for describing technical subjects and his love of writing. He became a technical writer, and eventually managed several technical publication organizations before leaving to go cruising in his mid-50s. While cruising Jeff wrote 30 Cruiseletters to keep family and friends abreast of their adventures. The encouragement he received in response to those Cruiseletters motivated him to write books about cruising on a sailboat.